elder mediation services

Family follow-up meeting

Sometimes, months after mediation, situations change, new events emerge, or decisions are not implemented as discussed. Your family may need to revisit and revise the plan. Follow-up meetings can occur by scheduled meeting or conference call.

preparing FOR mediation

Sometimes families need a conversation to negotiate what they would like to mediate. A Certified Elder Mediator (FMC) can help with this by coordinating the family team, and arranging the Family Mediation. Individual calls will be made with each family member, an agenda generated, and scheduling will be arranged. The family member at "the-heart-of-care", may or may not attend.

Family mediation MEETING

A Certified Elder Mediator (FMC) will meet with your family at your home, in an assisted living facility, retirement community or at a convenient location. We will assist your family with having a quality conversation to help you make informed decisions moving forward. Mediations can be scheduled on weekends or evenings. If required a "Capturing Agreement" may be provided. The person at "the-heart-of-the-care" will be ensured a voice. All will have an opportunity to be heard.

Initial contact - (519-580-8984)

Give us a call. Or you can fill in our contact page and we will call you back.

A Certified Elder Mediator (FMC) is available to discuss and clarify your immediate issues. We will help you decide the best approach for your family and suitability for mediation. Your initial conversation is a no obligation call. The first 30 minutes are free.

Elder Mediation fees:

Two payment options are available:

  • Hourly Rate
  • Fixed-Fee Rate

Typically, the cost of mediation is shared equally between family members. A retainer fee is required.

Fees are paid immediately following mediation.

Payment can be made by: Cash, PayPal, VISA or MasterCard.


Cancellations are to be made within 48 hours of the scheduled mediation, otherwise a 25% service fee is charged. Last minute cancels of mediations can be rescheduled at any mutual time. We will work with you to arrange alternative time.