Welcome to ML Trottier mediation!

Unexpected, contentious and unresolved events in a family are upsetting and time-consuming; altering daily routines and balance. You become worn out.

Our knowledgeable, Certified Elder Mediators (FMC) use a cooperative process to facilitate discussions relating to the issues of aging. We help manage family and social issues; while preserving the self-determination and dignity of your older family member.


Deciding on your options can be overwhelming. Talk to our staff to find out how we can help your family. Mediation promotes communication and involvement of more family members.  Let us help with your creative solutions! 

  mediation costs vs. court costs

A single fee vs. multiple fees

Lawyer's fees and court costs are often staggering. The legal process is adversarial. Family issues may drag through the courts for years! If you are willing to talk amicably with each other, mediation is a viable alternative. Prevent crushing legal bills.

Make your own decisions.

Video sourced from mediate.com website, DCBA, Milwaukee, WI, USA